MT Cozzola

Editorial services tailored to your goals.

I work with you to meet the needs of each project on time and within budget. Whether it’s a short stint or an longterm contract, I’m comfortable working solo, leading a team, or partnering with collaborators across the globe. Custom solutions can include:

  • Print content
  • Web copy
  • Developmental editing
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Scripts
  • Voiceovers
  • Screencast videos
  • Project management

“Over my 20 years of video producing, I have worked with many content developers. None have captured the essence of content succinctly and understandably as MT. She is the ultimate collaborator.”
—Sara Saplin, Wards Forest Media

“She is not only brilliant, but also a delight to work with in every way. I could not recommend her more highly, for any creative or business/advertising project. There is truly nothing she cannot handle, at least that I have found! She is a gem, and a valuable addition to any team.” 
—Grace Bulger, The Well Advertising

Clients include:

“Not only did MT transform my writing to a much more coherent and organized form, she also effectively communicated with the editorial and production team members, all of whom clearly held her in the highest esteem. I was fortunate to benefit from all the goodwill MT generated through the kindness and respect she offered to everyone on our projects.
—Lynn Wermers, Author, Excel Illustrated Comprehensive

“Once the strategy was determined, she hit the ground running and immediately began interviewing current users and documenting processes. The end result was 3 creative, interactive training sessions that simplified and translated many complex processes.”
—Kim Thompson, Integrated Digital Marketing

“MT has the ability to take complex technical concepts and not only make them accessible to the learner, but also to make them relevant, engaging, and connected to the learner. She can take a dry topic and make it enjoyable and fun!”
—Emily Pope, Cengage Learning