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A ripple in the space-time continuum

White Castle sign
I thought I had a picture of Golden Nugget, but it turned out to be White Castle.

X was meeting his friend J for breakfast at Golden Nugget. Nine-fifteen was the plan. J is always late, so X decided to get there at nine-twenty five. “For once I’m going to walk in and he’ll be sitting there,” thought X. But when he got there, no J. X sat down and had some coffee.

The two have known each other a long time, from back when they used to be slackers. “We’re still slackers,” said X, “but we used to really be slackers.” So even when it got to be 9:40, 9:50, X didn’t call or text J. “In the old days, forty-five minutes was nothing,” X explains. Therefore, he just sat.

Finally, a little after ten, J called X. “Where are you, man?” They were both on time, but at different Golden Nuggets.