Work samples

Below are representative samples of my writing, videos, and voiceovers—created independently and (where noted) with trusted collaborators. Note that these samples are for evaluation purposes only and should not be distributed. 


Here are sample scripts and print materials I’ve written for clients in education, publishing and digital advertising.


Microsoft eLearning

The client wanted 250 short videos to accompany their books on Microsoft Office. I wrote 125 scripts based on the book, recorded and edited voiceovers, and shot and edited screencast videos. Collaborator Dave Belden created the other 125, and Jane Hosie-Bounar managed the process.

Digital literacy

The client wanted two proofs of concept for a set of technology concepts videos. I worked with collaborators Dave Belden and Dan Haberkorn to create them.

I wrote and produced the voiceover, and Dan animated and edited.
Dave managed to shoot, perform in, and edit this one.

Computer concepts

The client wanted 150 videos for an online skills assessment system. Scripts were provided, and our task was to clarify and communicate the information using limited graphics and working within a strict stock-art budget. Collaborators Dave Belden, Jane Housie-Bounar, and I each produced  50 videos, working together to set overall style guidelines. I voiced all of them to ensure cohesiveness.


Here are samples of voiceovers I’ve recorded, mainly using our in-home sound booth, with engineering by Dave Belden.