July 15, 1947


We are ironing this morning. Elizabeth came. Opal stopped ironing and went to the store with her and on home with her to help her carry her groceries.

I finished ironing.

Mr. Cole came.

Mrs. Williams here.

Original handwritten version of the diary entry for No. 5184, for today's month and day.
Saint Swithin was an anglo-saxon bishop. Tradition (via Google) says that if it rains on Saint Swithin’s bridge in Winchester, England on this day, rain will continue for 40 days.

About my little diary project

The goal is to post entries from the diaries and journals of my ancestors, willing friends and family, myself, and found public sources like a diary my godmother discovered in a Kentucky resale shop. I want to organize them by writer, date, and where possible, geographic location. The reason: I want to honor and create a shared, minimally curated source of daily accounts of life from ordinary people. If you’d like to participate, contact me for guidelines.

One thought on “July 15, 1947

  1. I toggle back and forth in my mind as to whether this journal writer is male or female. I picture him as male, but then it jumps back and forth in my mind. Not that I need to get all caught up in gender identification. It’s more that I’m trying to grab a picture of him/her in my mind’s eye. Intriguing indeed!

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