May 8, 1947

Cold & cloudy.

Mrs. Bourne here this afternoon. Opal finished her spread and has started the other one. Mrs. Sidebottom called Opal. Said Mrs. Bemmings & Nick were down there wanting to buy a place.

Mrs. Rogerson was here tonight.

Original handwritten version of the diary entry for No. 5184 entry for today's month and date.
Best name ever.

About my little diary project

The goal is to post entries from the diaries and journals of my ancestors, willing friends and family, myself, and found public sources like a diary my godmother discovered in a Kentucky resale shop. I want to organize them by writer, date, and where possible, geographic location. The reason: I want to honor and create a shared, minimally curated source of daily accounts of life from ordinary people. If you’d like to participate, contact me for guidelines.

2 thoughts on “May 8, 1947

  1. Mrs. Sidebottom?! Poor thing…what a name to go through life with. I wouldn’t even want to be Mrs. Rogerson. I think we’ve established that her closest friends (or possibly family members) are Opal and Elizabeth. Mrs. Bourne must be a neighbor but not close enough to call by her first name.

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