Inside the Oval Powder Room

–And here we have the Oval Powder Room.

–Skip that, skip it, let’s get to the good stuff.

–This is important. The Oval Powder Room is a secret refuge in times of difficult Oval Office meetings. It comes complete with a Keurig Brewing system, Laz-Z-Boy Recliner…

–The codes. Where’s the codes?

–If I can turn your attention to the built-in hair dryer, this was put in for Kennedy and it has stood the test of time.

–Screw tests, I got stuff to do. I’m very busy.

–Please align with our time-honored system for transferring the mantle of power.

–I don’t need a mantle, I got my mandate.

–Forty-six to forty-eight, I mean, hardly a mandate.

–You libeling me?

–I’m saying, if you consider the popular vote…

–‘Cause I’ll sue you right now. Don’t think I won’t. I’m a firecracker.

–Very well…

–I’m president, right? I get that code. It comes included.

–You are correct.

–That’s better.

–You are in the right.

–We’re gonna get along fine, you do what I say.

–Okay then. Do you have a pen?

–I’ll remember it. I have an excellent memory. Very smart.

–Very well. It’s m-y password.

–My password? That’s it?

–All lower-case.

–My password, my password, that’s easy, I got that memorized already.

–You are a marvel.