Our vacation: a pop quiz

You get one clue.
You get one hint.

Dave and I spent a week up north to be in nature, see some colors, and generally relax. In the list below, can you spot the 2 things we DIDN’T do to make our vacation a success?

  1. Locate vacuum cleaner immediately upon arrival and vacuum entire cottage.
  2. Replace  fluorescent  bulbs with LEDs purchased at hardware store in town.
  3. Sweep front steps and walk, though no one’s coming over we hope.
  4. Rearrange living room furniture. Twice.
  5. Outfit the dog for woodsy hikes in bright orange hunting vest, bright orange hunting collar, and blinking light for collar, then mostly walk on the beach.
  6. Purchase a sled.
  7. Consider purchasing a 1000-piece Jesus puzzle but ultimately decide on a pack of cards.
  8. Nestle in front of the fire with dog curled adorably in shower stall.
  9. Plan and cook meals that make best use of the available pots and pans.
  10. Confess ourselves genuinely surprised by Tennessee Williams and Gypsy Rose Lee.

The first correct guesser gets a jar of Cherry Republic cherry jelly — because Donna says it’s better than jam.

22 thoughts on “Our vacation: a pop quiz

  1. At last, the solution… #1 and #9. Chuck got the jelly, ’cause he tried, and because he took Django out last week. Dave also points out that he DID vacuum soon after we arrived, but it wasn’t until the second or third day.

  2. 5 & 7? Only because they haven’t been used yet not because I think you don’t like outfitting Django in the most fashionable fluorescents nor asking him to possibly help you piece together Jesus, regardless of the fact that he does not have opposable thumbs. (Django not Jesus. Although I can’t be too sure. On either count.)

  3. oops…changing my guess.
    1 and 2! I mean really what kind of place are you staying in if you feel like you have to vacuum and change light bulbs? You were on VACATION!!! Let those domestic chores goooooooooooooooooooooo!!! ;-D

    1. As you might say in directing, after your cast has given their all and committed to every action and line in running a scene…(more pause)…(still more nothing from Patrick…was he even watching? did he hate it? did he love it?…)…more waiting…and then…”Do it again.”

    1. Wrong. I mean, sort of right, but you made me realize there were three things, not two, so I had to do some quick editing. Try again and you might win!

        1. So close! But nope. It’s back to two correct answers now that I updated the blog. Oh my gosh this has become complicated. But there are only two correct answers. That jelly is so close to being yours…

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