Suiting up for a rainy day

karaoke screen
        So many choices, and yet.

Here are your choices for today. You can be braggy. You can be brazen. Blue is taken. Churlish is also out at the moment, though killjoy is available.

You can be daffy. You can be elegant, but that requires a shower. Short on time? Let me suggest frenetic, or perhaps groovy, both of which work great with jeans and the sweater that hasn’t been washed since you stored it for the summer.

You can be hopeful. No, really, I think it would look great on you. Or perhaps just cautiously optimistic, though that’s not nearly as much fun. And in weather like this, fun counts.

No, I’m sorry, you can’t be fun. Fun is something you have to experience on the spot. It’s like mercury, we can’t keep it on the shelf and parse it out like foolish. Or demanding. Or maybe pissy.

You don’t really want pissy, do you? Weren’t you that yesterday? How about something a little exotic. How about Quixotic?

Yes, I saw the Joffrey version, too. Did you know he was in a prison? Me, neither. I totally thought she was his maidservant. There might be a clue in that. Maybe you should be roguish. I’m serious. I think you could pull it off.

How about serene? It’s getting late and we don’t have a lot left. Let’s see. You can be tangential. Or troublesome. Or tipsy. You can be unreasonable or unflappable. I recommend the latter. You could try vibrant. Winsome is taken, and whiny was the first thing out the door. The rest of these, I can’t even pronounce.

Why don’t you step into the fitting room and let me bring you the roguish, and this other one I’ve been holding back. At the first sign of rain, I hide it behind the counter, because I know it’s going to be absolutely perfect for just the right person.

No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, I just want you to try it on.

Okay, one hint. Think multiple choice. Think of your whole day being nothing but multiple choice. Awesome, right? Shake off your sleepy and I’ll be right back.

3 thoughts on “Suiting up for a rainy day

  1. This is so original and great. I love your POV. I could really see this piece in the New Yorker! That would sure be something to be “braggy” about. I wanna be blue though. Not sad, but the color. Because … Blue. Rules.

  2. I am claiming introspective for myself. It’s fitting like a soft, fuzzy, turtleneck sweater on me today. Just what I needed to wrap up in.

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