Just not the facts, Ma’am

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Snide remarks aren't helpful.

Cuz got her purse stolen yesterday. While she was at the park swimming, someone busted a window in her car and grabbed it.

You might think it’s weird to leave your purse in the car, but if you’ve ever swum at a park district pool you know there’s nowhere safe to keep it inside. Anyway, it’s a risk. We know that. We try to hide the thing under the seat and not be too paranoid. If you want the blissful experience of an early morning swim at one of the best outdoor pools in the city, it’s what you do.

So she comes out and a few cars have been broken into, including hers. Ugh. Call the credit card companies and minimize losses. Then call the cops to file a police report. Except the cop says, “You gonna file this with your insurance?”

“I don’t know yet,” says Cuz. “It depends on how much it costs to fix the window.”

“If not, no reason to file a report.”

Cuz reiterates, “My purse was stolen. My wallet was in there.”

“Wallet and credit cards aren’t considered valuables.”

“Okay,” Cuz doesn’t argue this; must be some official-type logic going on. “But don’t you at least want the information, for crime statistics?”

“I don’t keep no statistics.”

“Doesn’t the city track this stuff? So they know what’s going on?”

“You want to make a report or don’t you?”

“I’ll call back.” Cuz hangs up. I know there are way more great cops out there than not-so-great cops, so this is not about cops. It’s also not about the fact that purses and wallets are not officially considered valuables. Nor is it about the lack of secure lockers at park district pools. It’s just another day in the city that occasionally sleeps, even past the alarm.

2 thoughts on “Just not the facts, Ma’am

  1. Ah, Chicago police. Sometimes really helpful and nice, sometimes not as much. I hope she doesn’t have to give up going to the pool.

    And that last line totally sounds like something from a Raymond Chandler novel. I love it.

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