I am a dog racist

entrance to a river path
Would you follow a Shiba Inu down here?

Django talked me, walked me into going to the north park. She has this habit of pulling north at every intersection. Or rather pointing north and waiting. So today I just went with it, even though the dog-friendlier, more inhabited park is to the south.

We walked into the park entrance and there were four skeevy-looking guys sitting on benches. No one else was around. My thought was to go straight north up the concrete walk toward River Park, where there’d likely be more people around. I wasn’t scared, these looked like homeless men just taking in the sun, but I was cautious. I certainly wasn’t going to let Django pull me down the woodchip path that winds along the river, all secluded and remote. Not because dogs aren’t allowed down there – they aren’t – but because I wouldn’t leave myself that vulnerable.  Django paused and looked at the woodchip path. She loves it down there. Sorry, dog. I pulled her away.

But miracle of miracles, a guy walked into the park with a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. They cut immediately to the woodchip path and walked down. Score! I followed and let Django off her leash. The two dogs met up and Django was only mildly bossy.  The guy laughed and we each went along the twisty path, not talking to each other but perfectly friendly.

As we walked behind them, I realized this guy looked pretty skeevy too. But I trusted him because he had a dog.  Not just that, I trusted him because that dog was a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. If it had been a German Shepherd – no, I can’t use German Shepherd because Django would never follow a Shepherd, she’s terrified of them – if it had been a Doberman or a Rottweiler there’s no way I would have followed them down there. Maybe a Rott, depending on its ears, but definitely not a Doberman. I don’t know why. I’ve known some sweet Dobermans and never had a bad experience with any. But I just wouldn’t have gone.

So I guess if you plan to attack someone on a secluded river path using a dog decoy, make it a fluffy puppy.


2 thoughts on “I am a dog racist

  1. I’m with you on trusting people walking dogs in general. Not sure why since I know that there must be a lot of bad pet owners out there. I would also add that sometimes you have a view into the personality of the owner by looking at the dog. Things like cropped ears on a doberman, and scary looking choke collars usually indicate to me that either their dog is actually mean (probably the owner’s fault), or the owner just wants to look tough walking what people will assume is a scary dog. Either way, probably not someone I’d walk down a deserted path with.

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