Some alternate realities aren’t alternate

Netflix instant viewing screen of Battlestar Gallactica
There are many copies.

I didn’t go to the Palm Sunday service at the big south side church. Instead, I stayed home and evaluated a bunch of mostly awful films for a festival. Some were really good, yours was brilliant, but most I just stared at. Angry that they were taking up my time. Waiting for the end.

Then I realized that someone, somewhere is probably evaluating my film, feeling the same dull rage. They can’t believe someone thought this was a good idea. They can’t believe how long it is. Will it never end? They can’t believe the sound quality. They can’t believe there are 12 more videos in the box. They’d much rather be watching Battlestar Galactica. They watched four episodes last night and it wasn’t enough. They want more. They want to watch all 72 episodes back to back. Their husband says they need to scale back, that it’s just a TV show, that it’s not good for them. But what does he know? He was at church all day.

5 thoughts on “Some alternate realities aren’t alternate

    1. Aw, that’s sweet. And hopefully it’s what every filmmaker’s friends are saying to them about their masterpieces. It is amazing to me how subjective this stuff is. I mean, there’s no arguing with Godfather II, and there’s probably no arguing with The Room, but then there’s everything in between…

  1. Honey! I used to feel that way evaluating scripts. And then I realized, I probably shouldn’t be doing it anymore. Thank you for sharing your feelings so openly. I appreciate your POV so very much … and Dave is wrong … never too much TV if you ask me! 🙂 xo

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