“MT is razor-sharp perceptive, generous, and calm. She will keep nudging you for the best and most clear your story can be, until suddenly, you walk right into it.”
—Rebecca Fletcher, Ringing True

“A phenomenal writing coach. MT listened very carefully to what I was struggling to communicate, helping me to uncover the ‘arc’ of my story and pinpoint the essentials of the piece.”
—Margaret Ghielmetti

My approach centers on helping you tell your story truthfully and dynamically. I work with solo artists, business professionals, and others to discover meaningful events, understand why they matter, determine how to structure the surrounding narrative, and communicate with style. I also direct in Chicago and throughout the country. Learn more about workshops, private coaching, and upcoming classes.

“With a performance date looming, before I found MT, the script was a series of anecdotes in search of a compelling arc and I felt stiff and scared in the telling.  With MT as my director and script coach, we harvested the story from the chaff and I found the emotional confidence to tell my truth onstage.”
—Victoria Podesta, The Designated Daughter

“…Thoughtful, insightful, fantastic…Full of great ways to help you craft and frame your story…Nonjudgmental, but also good, pointed feedback…”
—Class evaluations, The Second City Training Center

“MT will have you looking at things in ways that never occurred to you and searching for things you didn’t know existed.”
—Natasha Tsoutsouris, Tashie’s Choice